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At TEDxTUM 2017, we invite you to join us in a discussion about the kind of place we want to work, live and grow in tomorrow. What will the ideas and concepts nourishing our inspiration be? What can we do to keep improving?

We believe that what we design, discuss and do is driven by our inherent desire to improve our surroundings. But in this age of sensationalism and self-serving agendas, the shape, size and structure of our collective future is being steered in a surprisingly restrictive direction. The form of tomorrow seems to require a recalibration of our expectations, for us to identify our values with certainty and support an inclusive future for everyone.

Join us at TEDxTUM and let’s explore the “Re-Formations of Tomorrow”.

Overview and FAQ

Date & Time Saturday, 02 December 2017, approx. 10am - 6pm
Location Audimax at TUM, Arcisstr. 21, 80339 Munich
Speakers 10+ Speakers & Performances (see below for more information)
Program 3 sessions of approx. 1.5h with exciting activities in-between
Language The whole event (talks & activities) will be held in English
Food & Drinks We have you covered. There will be a lunch break and a shorter coffee break in which we will have snacks and drinks waiting for you
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Speakers & Performances

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Christos Chantzaras holds diplomas in both architecture and management, and has embarked on a mission to open the field of architecture for co-creation and innovation. Initially an architect and strategy consultant, he now uses experiences gained from an architecture firm environment to improve interdisciplinary collaboration within the field as a researcher and lecturer at TUM. His initiative and deep-seated belief in expanding traditional architectural thinking and applicability, is supporting the department of architecture to transform its research lab into an Architecture Research Incubator. Learn more about Christos.

Ramona Hacker has a degree in English and American Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in World Heritage Studies. Through several personal experiences as well as her volunteer experience at a local soccer club and for the student organization AIESEC, she started thinking about the topic of emotional intelligence and how it affects everyone’s lives and the way we deal with our problems. She will share research from the field as well as personal stories with the TEDxTUM audience. Learn more about Ramona.

Angelika Kneidl is an expert in modelling and simulating crowd behavior. Since first hearing of the field, Angelika has passionately sought to notice patterns in daily life and imitate the nuances of human behaviour in computers. Following her PhD on pedestrians’ navigational behaviour, Angelika co-founded the firm accu:rate, which offers consulting services and software for pedestrian dynamics simulations. This can include modelling and visualizing the behavior of large crowds at events, or collaborating with planners and event managers to improve the safety of events and layout of buildings. Learn more about Angelika.

Manuel Opitz studied Industrial & Bio-Engineering and co-founded Mecuris, a startup with the vision to create personalized prostheses & orthoses with the help of 3D-printing technology and machine learning. Today, Manuel analyzes orthopaedic care processes to unlock digital potential for personalized products with the aid of digital tailoring and additive manufacturing for doctors, technicians and patients alike. Learn more about Manuel.

Laura Fabbietti loves three-dimensional thinking and the idea of building detectors to measure particles and learn about what we think is the story of our universe. Born close to the mountains in Bergamo, Italy, she studied in Milan and came to Munich 19 years ago, first to obtain her PhD and later succeeding her advisor to become the professor for Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter at TUM. Laura likes to cook for and entertain her friends to thank them for being patient with her, and loves Munich for its ability to simultaneously feel like a little village as well as a sinful city. Learn more about Laura.

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Inspiration from past events

Curious to see what the event will look like? Check our past events, complete with pictures and videos! This format is most similar to our 2016 event, ENTELECHY and our 2015 event, FACETS.

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