How compassion goes further than pity

Steffen and Daniel have complementary perspectives on disability and disease: Steffen has a disease called Myasthenia gravis, which forces him to sit in a wheelchair, while Daniel is a member of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service and a former member of the Red Cross. They both know how important it is to actively interact with people with disabilities, instead of being guided by preconceptions. In this touching talk, they'll explain how showing compassion instead of pity can lead to better mutual understanding.

About Steffen Linßen & Daniel Kühbacher

Daniel Kühbacher loves the voluntary service work he does, whether it’s helping in a mountain emergency, a car accident, or someone in a wheelchair who just needs assistance at the train station. Since he was little, Steffen Linßen has been fascinated by creating his own solutions to problems. One of his goals is to create an accessible world that enables him and other people with disabilities to manage daily life without additional problems.