Car jumping: the future of transportation

Imagine you're on your way to work and stuck in traffic. You look to your left, you look to your right: everyone's traveling in the same direction, but each car only has one occupant. Tommaso Gecchelin understands people's desires to be autonomous and ubiquitous while commuting, but it's hard to deny there's lots of room for improvement in our traffic situation. With his idea of car jumping, he introduces a new way of transportation, which allows people commuting in the same direction to group more efficiently, while still providing a door-to-door transportation service.

About Tommaso Gecchelin

Tommaso Gecchelin is a physicist and an industrial designer from Padua, Italy. Inspired by the beauty of science and the correlations between patterns that cross the boundaries of disciplines, he co-founded the company NEXT, where he's turning his vision of the future of mobility into reality.